SWAT Tape Media Destruction

Created and developed by Insurgo, SWAT (Securely Wipes All Tracks) is the most absolute and effective form of tape media destruction on the planet. 

Insurgo’s SWAT data removal process works by running the tape full length twice over a non-wearing magnetic head in under 4 minutes.  This removes all tracks of data and servos from the tape.

Our technology is the most effective at consistently and predictably removing data from tapes than any traditional form of disposals such as degaussing or shredding, leaving processed tapes with no readable trace of data and no chance of recovery. 

Due to the nature of how SWAT works, there is no chance of human error, malice or ineffective hardware. After processing, each tape is verified to have been completely destroyed. 

Insurgo is the tape media experts. SWAT is created and developed by Insurgo – you won’t find a similarly effective service anywhere else on the planet.

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