Onsite Disposal

As tape media experts and home to our patented world-leading KIT and SWAT data destruction services, Insurgo is able to offer global onsite disposal at any location of your choice.

Our KIT and SWAT data destruction devices are highly portable and require minimal training to allow your team to use them onsite. That’s why KIT and SWAT are already being used across the globe from the UK to as far afield as Australia. 

KIT Data Erasure

Created and continually developed by Insurgo, KIT (Kills Information on Tape) is the most secure, patented, reliable and cost-effective form of tape data erasure across the globe. 

Insurgo’s KIT process is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to securely erase all data from tape media. KIT leaves no trace, with no chance of readable recovery. That is why governmental departments and other organisations that need absolute data security choose Insurgo’s KIT process as a form of secure data erasure.

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SWAT Tape Media Destruction

Created and developed by Insurgo, SWAT (Securely Wipes All Tracks) is the most absolute and effective form of tape media destruction on the planet. 

Insurgo’s SWAT data removal process works by running thefull length of a tape twice over a non-wearing magnetic head in under 4 minutes.  This removes all tracks of data and servos from the tape. Our technology is the most effective at consistently and predictably removing data from tapes, when compared with any traditional form of disposals such as degaussing or shredding. SWAT leaves processed tapes with no readable trace of data and no chance of recovery.

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