Retire Legacy Backup Systems

Insurgo’s Legacy Retirement Service enables customers to retire any legacy backup system whilst maintaining full access to the data contained on any retired tapes. 

Currently, if an organisation wishes to maintain access to data stored on any tapes they have to retain the full backup infrastructure – including servers, tape libraries, backup licences and skills – retaining all of the cost that goes with them.  

Insurgo can help you retire the legacy systems whilst maintaining access to the tape data at a far lower cost.

Insurgo will take the final backup catalogue from your (retired) system and ingest it into an industry-standard database. This then allows your organisation to remove all legacy infrastructure, servers, drives, libraries and licences.

When a need arises to access any data stored on the tapes, Insurgo simply interrogates the catalogue to identify the tapes needed and restores the required data.  

This allows you to maintain full access to your data without needing to retain the cost of legacy systems or incurring the cost of migrating data.

With decades of combined experience, our services are backed by intensive research and development and we are accredited to the highest of standards.  

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