Insurgo delivers tape restoration and data services globally, providing your organisation with access to the data you need, when you need it, regardless of how or where it’s stored.

Our team has a long and successful history in the non-native restoration of tape collectively exceeding more than 200 years experience. In this time, members of our team have been responsible for restoring vital data used in countless internal audits, regulatory reviews and landmark legal cases. 

We commonly restore data from tapes to help with internal compliance issues, to assist with migration projects, and to facilitate legal and other urgent requests with our forensic standard e-discovery services. Organisations also call on our cataloguing service for insight into what is stored on a tape.

If you have a tape with data on, Insurgo is able to restore it for you.  Our unmatched experience and expertise allow us the ability to restore data from any tape format. 

We maintain a huge collection of drives and systems – including examples of virtually every drive ever made – and with a wide range of autoloaders, libraries and other automation, we can process tapes of any type and any quantity quickly and cost-effectively.

Our team have delivered tape and data services on-site in over 30 countries across 6 continents, restoring more data for more customers than almost any other team on the globe. These on-site data services allow us to restore your data at any location of your choice, anywhere in the world, without falling foul of data security or privacy issues. 

Insurgo are the tape media experts. With decades of combined experience, our services are backed by intensive research and are accredited to the highest of standards, including ISO 27001. 

Want to learn more about Insurgo’s Tape and Data Restoration services? Phone the tape media experts today – +44 (0)1495 372 000.