eDiscovery: Email, Data and Voice

Insurgo’s eDiscovery services provide your organisation with access to the exact files you need which are currently stored on backup tape or other removable media.

We commonly get called upon by organisations during litigation and regulatory events, to rapidly extract email, data and voice data as required.

With unmatched abilities and processes, our data team is able to work through masses of data stored across many tapes to deliver you with the exact files you need to meet your requirements. 

All of this can be done in whatever time frame is necessary to ensure your organisation is armed with the data it needs in a time-sensitive situation. 

We are able to restore specific emails, data or voice calls, irrespective of the system they were first composed or delivered within, and provide them in any usable format.

All services are available from our secure UK based facility or on-site anywhere in the world.

With decades of combined experience, our services are backed by intensive research and development and we are accredited to the highest of standards.  

Want to learn more about Insurgo’s eDiscovery services? Phone the tape media experts today – +44 (0)1495 372 000.