Insurgo Joins Tape Media Heavyweights on the LTO Consortium

Published by Insurgo on February 19th, 2020

Insurgo is pleased to announce that they have become a member of the LTO Consortium, joining the likes of FujiFilm, HP, and IBM.

As the tape media experts, Insurgo brings the expertise behind their patented tape media data destruction innovation to the consortium. 

KIT and SWAT are the only true forms of tape data disposal, offering the industry more secure and absolute solutions compared to shredding and degaussing. 

Insurgo’s introduction to the LTO Consortium adds an additional 200 years of experience to the group, bringing tape media supply, eDiscovery, data services, and tape media disposal expertise.

Insurgo is also the only wholly UK-owned organisation in the group. 

The LTO Consortium was founded in 1998, when Certance (now Quantum), Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and IBM Corp set out to develop a tape technology that would provide users with multiple sources of products and media, resulting in Linear Tape-Open Technology. 

Eight generations later, the storage capacity, speed, and importance of LTO tape continue to evolve, with at least four future generations already in the pipeline.

Insurgo looks forward to playing its role in the continued development of LTO with an inside seat. 

How Insurgo is Pushing Forward The Tape Industry 

Since the introduction of KIT and SWAT, Insurgo has changed the attitude and direction of the tape media disposal space globally. 

Highlighting the real and ever-growing risks of relying on the ineffective ‘traditional’ methods of tape media disposal such as shredding and degaussing, Insurgo’s KIT and SWAT services offer the market the only truly effective forms of tape disposal. 

With current formats of tape media boasting up to 30TB data capacity, it is crucial for organisations to use effective forms of disposal. A small 20cm fragment of ‘shredded’ tape can contain as much as 6GB of data. 

Insurgo’s Research and Development department is also responsible for Investigo, the market-first tape tracking tool, providing traceability based on the tape serial number, helping to keep the management, restoration, and disposal of tape traceable and accountable throughout its full lifecycle.

About Insurgo 

As undisputed tape media experts, Insurgo is dedicated to providing complete tape and data lifecycle management solutions for organisations across the globe.

As the only UK owned company in the tape and data management sector, Insurgo can take care of organisations’ full tape and data lifecycle management needs. Unbeatable supply, unique restore and data management and patented disposal solutions all backed by world-leading knowledge and support. 

Established in 2009, Insurgo now boasts a team with over 200 years of combined experience in the tape manufacturing and data storage industry; having gained experience and industry knowledge through working for global organisations who specialised in developing and manufacturing enterprise tapes for OEMs.  

Over the years, Insurgo has heavily invested in researching and developing our patented solutions for secure data erasure which removes all traces of data from tape media.  

Today, Insurgo provides tape and data management solutions to organisations across the globe and are trusted by security-conscious organisations such as Thales, Morrisons, Met Office, Cardiff University, JD Williams, and four of the world’s largest investment banks.